What is strong in the end of the millet box 3 enhanced version? Diagrams help you understand

Xiaomi released a new generation of millet boxes, but it was not included in the fourth generation. Instead, it was called "Enhanced version of Millet Box 3," which was priced at 399 yuan. It was sold on March 18.

In addition to the appearance of upgrading to a new white square design, more stylish and beautiful, the new box has also been fully upgraded in terms of specifications. The millet box official also deliberately produced a graphic explaining in detail the changes of the enhanced version.

1, CPU processor: Amlogic S905 (Quad-core A53 2.0GHz) upgrade to MediaTek MT8693 (Dual Core A72 and Quad-Core A53), this is the first time the box products used A72 new architecture.

2. GPU graphics core: Mali-450 is upgraded to PowerVR GX6250 with 80% performance enhancement.

3, storage: 4GB doubled to 8GB, is still eMMC 5.0 specifications.

4. Memory: 1GB DDR3 doubled to 2GB LPDDR3.

5, weight: 176.5 grams increased to 190 grams, but weight gain compared to the volume change is not too obvious.

6, remote control: still standard millet Bluetooth voice somatosensory remote control, did not change.

7. Operating System: Android 5.0 is upgraded to Android 5.1.

8, Bluetooth: 4.1 + EDR specifications at the same time join the independent antenna, the connection is more stable.

9, Wi-Fi: Dual-band 2.4/5GHz 802.11ac, single-antenna upgrade to 2x2 dual-antenna, double-double.

10, USB: USB 2.0 interface is a change of two.

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