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Yesterday Xiao Bian updated the software, suddenly found a counter-day application: Chaoyang people App. The Chaoyang people, the “world’s fifth-largest trump intelligence organization,” have contributed a lot of important intelligence in recent years. They seem to be everywhere. Some netizens ridiculed. “The entertainment team and the derailment team cannot grow without their efforts.” What is the appetite of enthusiastic and up-tempered people on the low-profile launch of the App?

In this issue we talk about: Anti-day app. In the commentary area, you have left the Anti-Day App that you have seen, or you can't do it without surprise, or you'll regret it when you're down.... It's a good reference for value-friends and you get the top 5 most valuable values. Friends can get 10 gold bonus rewards.

Chaoyang people

The welcome page for this app is blue-purple (right?), the layout is simple, and a show of the year + magnifying glass. As if to remind the crime of the crime: I'm watching you ... Although the production of a technology company, but the Beijing Chaoyang Branch in the official micro-blog "Peace Chaoyang" also confirmed that this section of the APP does have an official background, It is the Chaoyang police that is developing and researching to further enhance the relationship between the police and the people.

After entering, the home page is the "Waiting Case" section. There are also plates for people seeking, recruiting, and suspects. However, there are currently sections of content that have only one column for the case. The main content is more than ten, involving the publication of results of the progress of some cases, public security system information announcements, and so on. The first frame shows the content of the picture to tell everyone how to become a "Chaoyang masses" main content to remind everyone that want to become a "chaoyang masses" first of all need to enhance their self-prevention awareness, practice basic skills, after experiencing the situation can be through a variety of channels Feedback to the police. The police also has a dedicated team to handle the feedback from the public and follow up on various clues.

It is worth mentioning that there is a red report button in the lower right corner of the page. After clicking on the page, the page “Favorite Report” contains common five types of incidents and other incident reports. Through these portals, relevant information can be fed back to support text, images, Various kinds of content such as videos are uploaded.

The surprising name of this APP is concise. Although it is not yet perfect, it does not prevent enthusiastic users from downloading and trialing. Everyone is Chaoyang masses, passing positive energy.

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Which anti-day apps have you used?

After the "Chaoyang masses" were introduced, a small value will be thrown again and talked about a counterfeit App: Lifetime - Time and Wish. An app that even the developer himself feels boring is the point where he will not use it often after download, but he wants it to be quiet on the phone. There are three main functions: "When you are born," "Death of the Dead," and "Wish List." Before you use your birth date and your estimated lifespan, when you set it, “When you are born” shows the time you have lived in this world, accurate to the minute; and “in death” shows It's how much time you have left, how much time you can eat for the rest of the day, how many long holidays you enjoy, and how many times you love to do it. In short, cherish the time. When I was young, I thought I was not going to be old Peter Pan.

Ios download address:

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Android download address:

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Did you use this app?

There are those anti-day apps in your eyes?

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In this issue we talk about: Anti-day app.

In the commentary area, you have left the Anti-Day App that you have seen, or you can't do it without surprise, or you'll regret it when you're down.... It's a good reference for value-friends and you get the top 5 most valuable values. Friends can get 10 gold bonus rewards.

Of course, if you have a lot of anti-day apps, you can write an original copy and share it for everyone. Small gold coins are ready.

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