The popular game "Dark Soul" will also be released in VR version.

VR Daily News "Dark Soul" was produced by the original class of "Demon's Souls" launched in February 2009. It inherits the dark fantasy style and spirit of "Devil's Soul" to "explore the tension of the maze." ", encountering the horror of the enemy", "the newly discovered sense of joy" until the "survival to the final sense of achievement" as a demand, is a difficult hardcore role-playing game.

A few days ago, there was news that its development team, From Software, wanted to put the development of the Dark Soul VR version on the agenda. Terror and suspense-style games have always been the most popular theme of virtual reality. The panic and creepy atmosphere is often just a big increase in the 2D screen, while the VR version makes these elements even more brilliant.


According to media reports, at the Golden Rocker Awards Ceremony held not long ago, host Julia Hardy visited the producer of Dark Soul, Atsuo Yoshimura. At first, Atsuo Yoshimura shared his views on virtual reality. After getting Yoshimura's positive view of VR, the moderator continued to ask if we would see Dark Soul in virtual reality. Yoshimura initially answered “yes” and then clarified that the team “hopes” to develop a VR content in the future.

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