The new iPad lands on the mainland next Friday: Difficulties with surging yellow cattle

Proview Gives New iPad to Land in Mainland Next Friday

Sell ​​100,000 units to reach 60 million U.S. dollars to buy road money

Although Apple officials have not explained the relationship between the Proview IPad trademark case and the new iPad's time to market in mainland China, two weeks after the settlement with Proview, Apple announced that it will launch a new iPad in mainland China on July 20th. day.

It is worth noting that the new launch point announced by Apple is only mainland China. Unlike before, each release area will cover multiple countries and regions. This undoubtedly further increases the correlation between the release date and the iPad trademark case.

According to the new iPad, which is the minimum configuration, Apple will only need to sell 100,000 new licensed iPads to recover the $60 million it will pay for Proview. When the Southern Metropolitan reporter called an Apple China-related person yesterday, the other party declined to comment.

On the other hand, due to the current global supply of new iPad, there is no shortage of goods, the Hong Kong version of the main selling price on the market is only about 3,300 yuan, close to the original sale of 3888 yuan (about 3200 yuan). price. As a result, every year when the iPad launches, it is difficult to see the surging scene of the “yellow cattle”.

New iPad domestic underground market on Friday

US time on July 10, Apple announced that the new iPad will be listed on July 20, Beijing time next Friday in mainland China. According to Apple China’s information given to Southern Reporters, the new iPad will be available in both black and white colors for a total of six levels of product. The WLAN version (WIFI version) has a suggested retail price of 3,688 yuan for the 16G B model, 4,488 yuan for the 32G B model, and 5,288 yuan for the 64G B model; WLAN+Cellular (because of the cellular data function, the new iPad supports 4G in the United States, However, China has only 3G networks, so Apple referred to it as the "Cellular" version of the 16G B model at 4688 yuan, the 32G B model at 5488 yuan, and the 64G B model at 6288 yuan.

According to Apple’s official announcement, the new iPad will be sold through the A pple Store online store and authorized A pple authorized distributors, and will be sold in China from the A pple retail store. It is reported that several A pple Store retail outlets in Beijing and Shanghai will begin on July 19, and will accept booking requests from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon daily, and will pick up the goods the next day.

In addition, according to Apple's practice, after the new generation iPhone or iPad is launched, the old generation products will lower prices and sell at the same time, this time being no exception. Apple immediately announced that the lowest price iPad 2 down to 2988 yuan.

With regard to the one-day advance booking and the next day delivery operation, Apple tried to sell the iPad in Hong Kong on March 16th, mainly to prevent the “yellow cows” who bought and sold reselling apple products from affecting ordinary consumers’ normal purchases. However, in Guangzhou local parallel mobile phone seller A Qiang (a pseudonym) view, this time Apple has some "self-emotional".

Waiting for 4 months "Oxa"
"Although from my own point of view I really hope that the cattle will grab the goods, this means at least we can make more money in the early days of the new iPad sales, but now I am not selling well here." According to A Qiang, At present, most new local iPads in Guangdong are licensed versions in Hong Kong. Since the sale from Hong Kong, it has been a full four months. Apple's official adjustment of the production capacity makes the new iPad's supply very abundant. It can't do so. The interest of the “cattle” is naturally also greatly reduced.

Is this really the case? When the new iPad officially landed in Hong Kong in March of this year, Apple’s reservation and delivery policy has achieved great results and has effectively controlled the “yellow” spoiler situation. The feedback from the market was also very good. The price of the first batch of products was even raised to about 8,000 yuan. However, the situation has changed 180 degrees.

Take the lowest-configured WIFI version of the 16G new iPad as an example. Before Apple released the price of the Chinese mainland version yesterday, the price of the Hong Kong version was about 3,600 yuan. According to yesterday's exchange rate, the Hong Kong version of the sale price is 3,888 yuan, equivalent to about 3,200 yuan, not including the cost of cattle commission, transportation and other costs, the gross margin of parallel shipping channels is about 400 yuan, gross profit margin is only 11%.

With the release of the minimum price of 3,688 yuan for the new Apple iPad, the Hong Kong version of the parallel price has become uncompetitive. “After all, licensed domestic cargo comes with a one-year warranty in Mainland China, and the Hong Kong version must be sold with a small ticket to Hong Kong before it can be repaired.” A Qiang said, “I and some experts today (referring to July 11) lowered the price to 3300 Yuan around.” While the Southern Reporter saw on Taobao, more businesses will hit a price of 32××$.

"This should be the lowest price for parallel imports in Hong Kong, and then down is to sell one at a loss." According to Zhang Xing, an analyst at consulting firm RationalA B, the pricing of this apple is very clever, considering that the importer of Shuipu The bottom price of the iPad, if consumers need warranty, will naturally choose the mainland version; do not care about the warranty, still can choose the Hong Kong version of parallel imports, the price difference between the two is about 10%. As a result, for the domestic "cattle", the only selling point of the new iPad is "with warranty", and consumers who are more sensitive to price are often unwilling to pay too much for it. Coupled with the way to book delivery, Zhang Xing believes that the new iPad is on the market and that it is difficult for the cattle to block the grand occasion of the Apple store.

Reconcile with Proview, crossing the last ridge

Recalling that the new iPad has been released to China for more than four months, public information shows that in May of this year, the new iPad has obtained the domestic 3C compulsory certification, which will theoretically be listed soon, but it has been delayed for more than a month. Although Apple officials have never been willing to initiate the initiative, the industry generally believes that it is related to Shenzhen Proview.

Earlier this month, the Guangdong Higher People’s Court announced that the protracted mediation agreement between the Apple iPad and the iPad trademark came into effect on June 25. On June 28th, Apple applied to the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court of the court of first instance of the case to enforce the above-mentioned civil mediation, and Shenzhen Intermediate Court sent a ruling to transfer the IPad trademark to Apple’s company to the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Assist in the implementation of the notice.

In order for the new iPad to have a legal “identity” in the country, Apple eventually agreed to pay Shenzhen Liguan 60 million US dollars. However, when Apple’s relevant persons spoke to Southern Reporters yesterday, they were still unwilling to respond to the connection between the two issues. However, the reality is that reconciliation with Proview means that Apple’s new iPad is listed on the mainland market as the last barrier has been removed. Prior to this, Shenzhen Proview Deputy Attorney Xie Xianghui had made it clear in an interview with Southern Reporters that as long as both parties are still in the negotiation stage, Apple will start selling new iPads in the country and Proview will immediately file a lawsuit.

60 million US dollars, equivalent to about 380 million yuan. Reconciliation gold is due to the iPad trademark and naturally has a subtle relationship with the new iPad. According to the domestic minimum price of 3,688 yuan licensed, Apple sold about 103,000 units in China to recover the cost. According to UBM techInsights, the total cost of the new iPad for the 16G B version is approximately US$ 310. Compared to its retail price, the gross profit rate is approximately 51%. In other words, selling 200,000 new iPads, Apple can get a gross profit of 60 million US dollars, which is only calculated according to the minimum configuration model.

Is this a big burden for Apple? Another set of figures can be answered: In the second quarter of 2012, Apple sold a total of 11.8 million iP ad (including the new iPad and iPad2). According to Apple CEO Cook, China currently accounts for Apple’s total global revenue. Of the 10%, iPhone and iPad sales are particularly prominent. Based on this rough estimate, sales of 200,000 units may be only two weeks.

Apple Approves iTravel Patent Approval

Yesterday, another news about Apple surfaced. According to the report of the United States science and technology blog site, PatentlyApple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a series of patents to Apple on Tuesday, the most notable of which was the new patent on iTravel, a travel application. As Apple released its own map service in June this year, how to provide more imaginative services based on location has become the focus of attention in the industry.

According to patent documents, "iTravel" will allow users to book a trip and then share it with other users. In addition, this application can also be used to check in and handle checked baggage. It is worth noting that the application itself can be used on Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and even iPod Touchs.

In addition to the map service, Apple’s iOS version of the Passbook application announced at this year's WWDC is also considered a product that can be combined with iTravel, which allows users to store a variety of prepaid and gift cards, while also storing boarding passes. And tickets and so on.

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