The development of the resistor industry has great potential

The development of the resistor industry has great potential Nowadays, the electrical industry is advancing in continuous development, so the related industries are also constantly progressing. In the electrical industry, the resistance industry continues to develop and advance, which has promoted the continuous development and promotion of various types of electronic product equipment. It has fundamentally driven the development of science and technology and promoted the production efficiency of various industries. Resistance is an indispensable part of various electrical equipment and plays a very important role.

The production and use of resistors has been greatly contributing to the formation of various types of electrical equipment. Some electrical equipment is floating up and down along with the fluctuation of the resistance price, so that there will be double pressure in the industry. The industry is also a huge pressure, but there is no room for improvement without pressure, and continuous production and re-creation can really realize the modernization progress of the industry.

Then in all industries, the electronics industry is nowadays undergoing a huge test of the global economy. Due to the frequency of replacement of the electronics industry is very large, and is also an industry with very high elimination rate, but the driving force of development is continuous innovation in electronics. The use of resistors in the industry is also very much, both digital cameras and computer equipment and players are used under the impetus of resistive devices.

The market of the electrical industry is constantly seeking for exploration in development. Continuous progress in exploration will be promoted and used in the electrical industry in any field, and large-scale coverage of the electrical industry will be an important part of social development. Therefore, for the development of the electrical industry, people must be in control, so that it can play an important role in the promotion of social productivity.

A Battery Charger supplies current to the base plate. Once the AGV is in charging position and the collector has made contact with the base plate, the AGV computer turns on the current.

The base plate has chamfered entry/exit ramps to facilitate smooth drive-on/drive-off of the spring loaded collector.

A battery charging contact consists of a base plate, which is installed on the floor or laterally at a bracket adjacent of the AGV runway, and a current collector which is installed on the vehicle.


Battery charging stations may be installed anywhere within the system where the production process allows the AGV to stop (staging areas, turn arounds, loading stops etc.). 

Single Phase Charging Contacts

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