The 12th Five-Year Plan for Nuclear Safety passed

On May 31st, the "12th Five-Year Plan for Nuclear Safety and Radioactive Pollution Prevention and Control and Vision Objectives for 2020" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning") and the "Report on the Comprehensive Safety Inspection of Civil Nuclear Facilities throughout the Country" were issued by the State Council Executive Meeting. Passed by principle. According to the spirit of the meeting, the two documents need to be publicly solicited for comments.

In March 2011, a nuclear leakage accident occurred in Fukushima, Japan. After the State Council’s executive meeting heard reports on the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, it decided to conduct safety inspections of nuclear facilities across the country.

The comprehensive safety inspection that lasted for more than nine months undoubtedly provided strong support for the healthy development of China’s nuclear power. At the same time, the debate between “nuclear guarantee” and “discarded nuclear” really made people feel confused about the future of China’s nuclear power.

Today, the approval of two documents shows the management’s attitude toward the development of nuclear power. In this regard, Xu Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, analyzed that “planning” was approved, indicating that the management is conscious and capable of ensuring the safety of the nuclear power unit, which is good news for the nuclear power industry.

China’s overall nuclear safety guarantee began in March last year. The relevant departments organized nuclear safety, earthquake, and ocean experts to use 41 nuclear power generating units and 3 nuclear power units to be built in the country for more than 9 months. All civil research reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities have undergone comprehensive safety inspections. In addition, the Chinese Academy of Engineering organized a major research project for re-research on the development of nuclear energy in our country and formed a research report on the “Proposal for the Development of China’s Nuclear Power in the New Situation” phase.

According to the contents of the Executive Meeting of the State Council (May 31st), the overall conclusion of the security inspection is that China's nuclear safety standards fully adopt the safety standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the nuclear safety regulations and standards system is in line with international standards. Civil nuclear facilities have fully demonstrated the external events such as earthquakes and floods in the site selection. Nuclear power plants have been effectively managed in all aspects of design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and operation, and their overall quality has been controlled.

The inspection concluded that the nuclear power plants in operation and under construction in our country can basically meet the requirements of China’s current nuclear safety regulations and the latest IAEA standards, have certain capabilities for the prevention and mitigation of serious accidents, and have controlled risks and safety; civil research reactors and nuclear fuel. The circulating facilities meet the requirements of China's current nuclear safety regulations, with controlled risks and safety guarantees.

At the same time, the main problems identified in the inspection were: the flood control capabilities of individual NPPs did not meet the new requirements, the seismic capabilities of individual civil research reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities did not meet new standards, and some NPPs did not establish and implement severe accident prevention and mitigation. Procedures, tsunami issues assessment and response are relatively weak. With regard to these issues, the relevant departments and enterprises have quickly organized rectification and have achieved initial results.

The resumption of nuclear power project approvals is further just like the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Wei believes that the “planning” has been approved “is good news for the nuclear power industry”. The vast majority of experts and industry professionals believe that the revision of China’s nuclear power after the “flight route” was achieved. With the guarantee of healthy development, its future will play a significant role in "steady growth."

An industry insider who declined to be named told the Securities Daily reporter that although the approval of “planning” is a major industry advantage in the field of nuclear power, it does not mean that nuclear power project approval has been restarted. In fact, due to “Japan’s blessings "The island nuclear leakage accident", the State Council announced the suspension of approval of nuclear power projects, China's nuclear power into a temporary stagnation state wants to eventually clear the development goals still need to be the National Energy Agency "nuclear power in the long-term development plan", "nuclear power safety planning" policy guidance.

It is reported that the above-mentioned two plans of the National Energy Administration have been submitted to the State Council but have not been approved. The industry speculated that the controversy may be concentrated on the adjustment of the goal of “China will build an installed capacity of nuclear power of 80 million kilowatts in 2015”.

Aside from the industrial level, the market generally believes that with the combined effects of effective comprehensive safety inspections and the “stabilizing growth” macro background, the review and restart of nuclear power projects are in full swing, and this is enough to support the nuclear power sector of the A share market to go out of its slump. Among them, the performance of listed companies such as Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, and China Yizhong with the capability to manufacture millions of kilowatts of nuclear islands or conventional islands will be effectively supported.

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