Super powerful live broadcast software - [Magic Video] experience evaluation

Actually, when I first heard [Magic Video], I refused. On the recommendation of my friend, I decided to try out this live broadcast software that was well-received in my circle of friends.

First of all, we searched the video application market for [Magic Video]. The evaluation was good. There were more than 8 points. This gave me the idea of ​​continuing to experience it. Actually, the first time I installed third-party live streaming software was two years ago, there were only a few companies that had live TV broadcasts. It's not the same now. Live broadcast and on-demand software are overwhelming.

Not much gossip, let us enter the main interface of the software to in-depth understanding of this software:

The first item: The main interface UI style

[Magic Video] uses the WIN 10 design style, commonly used functional blocks arranged before the exam. In order to meet the rigid demand of users to install [Magic Video] to watch live broadcasts, the "TV station" section of the homepage is placed in the position where the user is most likely to operate. TV dramas, variety shows, movies, animation, children's sections. Take a look at television, the overall impression of people is seven words: simple, direct, quick!

Second: Live and On-Demand Resource Richness

I've been using Magic video for more than a month now, starting with the live streaming of this software. Every day we watch a few high-frequency television channels, nothing more than the common channels such as Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Central Video Channel. Comes with 700+ channel, these pro-tests are not to mention!

"The most bovine thing is not me and you, but you are not the same as me." [Magic Video] The most popular place is the local channel and carousel channel. I am a fan of games. I like watching the League of Legends live. When I am in my free time, I will watch the movies. This live broadcast software just meets two requirements. Not much to say, like one!

The carousel movie update is still pretty fast, and all the popular movies have really made me very surprised!

On demand, variety shows, entertainment programs, serials, animations, etc. can be quickly found, as well as Blu-ray, ultra-clear, high-definition and other definition options, as long as your home bandwidth is enough, to see Blu-ray, properly!

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