Sunlight Lighting Releases Home Lighting New Products and New Terminal Image

The 2012 Sunshine Lighting Home Dealer Annual Meeting and Spring New Product Launch Conference was held on March 29th in Shangyu, Zhejiang. Sun Wei Group Vice Chairman Chen Wei, General Manager Guan Yong and Group Deputy General Manager Wu Guoming, Wu Feng, Zhang Wei The leaders of the middle sunshine group management team attended the meeting.

According to General Manager Guan Yong, Sunshine Lighting has been laying out of the domestic market since 2007 and is one of the focus of the Group's development in the future. At present, Sunlight Lighting not only has the leading R&D and manufacturing strength, but also develops from the market, meets the market, and guides the market in the operation of the market, and meets the market demand based on the future development of the market and the trend of technology update. According to the application scenario of the product, the business in the domestic market is divided into four parts: home lighting, commercial lighting, LED urban household lighting, and national large projects. After the business division, it will be more professional and systematic to develop and serve different markets and customers. Therefore, Sunlight Lighting's various business projects are the leaders in the product category, to fully support the brand positioning of Sunshine “China Green Lighting Leader”.

The Chief Executive also pointed out that "in the current market situation, Sunshine Lighting has laid out corresponding strategic measures in production and management. In the production system, we build a strong supply chain to ensure procurement, R&D, production and manufacturing. Smooth, guarantee delivery and shipment rate; at the same time, optimize management and management, ensure quality control, and achieve production plan." "At the same time, we have excellent front-end distributors, the whole team is zooming in, relying on the innovation of Sunshine itself, plus Great investment in product design, more emphasis on the development of the packaging field, strengthen brand building, the entire lighting industry has a big difference!"

At the conference, Zhu Zuhuan, general manager of the home lighting marketing center, also gave a detailed introduction to Sunshine Lighting's 2012 marketing strategy plan, 2012 new edition store, and spring 2012 new products. He pointed out that Sunshine home lighting fixtures are positioned in the middle and high gear. Under the guidance of the brand slogan of home lighting "and Meiguang Life", the advantages of the new home lighting series are mainly concentrated on the effects, modeling, technology and application of new technologies, material changes, etc. The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product features, combined with the beautiful appearance, have also increased the use of LED light sources in the application of light sources, which is in line with current consumer fashions. Crystal lamps, wooden lamps, acrylic lamps, wrought irons have also been introduced in the product category. New series of products such as lamps, dining chandeliers and mirror headlights fully meet the consumer demand for home lighting.

At the same time of launching a series of new products, it also launched the 2012 version of the new terminal image. The new image is not only simple and fashionable, but also innovative design according to the specific product series, so that each series of products can be fully and beautifully displayed, coupled with the design. Exquisite, application-rich terminal vivid materials will make Sunshine Home Lighting's 2012 new terminal image one of the most attractive and sales-oriented terminal systems on the market.

All the guests also visited the Sunshine Industrial Park and the new version of the terminal model store in 2012, which highly praised and evaluated the new terminal and the new series of home lighting products.

Sun Yong Group General Manager Guan Yong speaks

The dealer is visiting the new version of the Sunshine Home Lighting 2012 edition

Zhu Zuhuan, General Manager of Sunshine Home Lighting Marketing Center

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