Philips Lumileds Introduces Matrix Platform to Redefine Level 2 Module Category

September 29th Philips Lumileds today unveiled its matrix platform to expand its highly regarded LED product line. The Matrix Platform is a turnkey solution for LED Level 2 modules consisting of electronic components, optics and LUXEON LEDs, and is integrated into a wide selection of substrate/baseband types. Today's LUXEON XR and LUXEON XF product lines are based on rigid and flexible substrates/basebands.


“Beyond ever, luminaire manufacturers need more robust solutions to meet their specific design requirements. This demand coupled with the time pressure of today's application products to market has inspired the launch of our matrix platform,” Matrix Platform Products Line Director Viral Hazari said. Depending on the customer's needs, Philips Lumilleds offers LUXEON XR and LUXEON XF solutions for any LUXEON LEDs. In addition, both options offer standard configurations and custom options.


With a matrix platform solution, luminaire manufacturers/designers will benefit from faster time-to-market, simplified supply chain management and access to the performance of lighting-grade LUXEON LEDs. “Philips Lumileds understands that manufacturers are rapidly turning to 2 levels of modules and light engines to get their products to market quickly. In fact, we have worked with selected customers for quite some time, which is understanding and improving The value of our programs is of great benefit," Hazari said. The company has established a 12,000-square-foot matrix platform exclusive production line in Penang, Malaysia. “We are able to make rapid changes to new designs – in most cases, within two weeks of design approval.”

Philips Lumileds' first LUXEON XR-3535L based on rigid substrate is specifically designed for panel light applications, providing evenly distributed light with 3000K, 3500K, 4000K color temperatures and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80. The LUXEON XR-3535L has a lumen output of 1100 – 1515 lumens and a luminous efficacy of up to 160 lm/W. For spotlighting and cabinet lighting applications that require great design freedom and substrate flexibility, the LUXEON XF-3535L produces 1100lm – 4530 lm of lumen output while achieving luminous efficacy up to 160 lm/W.

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