Part of the ongoing green lighting technology revolution

Professional lamps are generally single-tube and double-plug type, while the general three-primary lamps use double U-tubes in China. Osram and Philips professional lamp and ballast are made in China and joint ventures. When using it, be sure to find out whether it is a professional model. The emergence of cold light is part of the ongoing green lighting technology revolution in the world. In the promotion and application of energy-saving technologies in foreign countries, compact and thin-tube fluorescent lamps suitable for various sites have been developed, and the revolution of ballast technology has been realized to invent the working principle of high-frequency electronic ballasts.

In the high-pressure sparking start, it is much more advanced than the traditional inductive ballast. The cold light is a new type of lighting source created by the perfect combination of technical achievements in this aspect. At present, there are many countries and manufacturers engaged in the production of high-frequency electronic energy-saving lamps in the world, and their products are also diverse. But there are three main people. That is, Osram of Germany, Philips of the Netherlands, and General Electric Company of the United States. Their product tubes are different in shape and are easy to distinguish.

In terms of lamps and ballasts that are suitable for film and television lighting, mainly Osram and Philips products, the United States mainly produces three primary color lamps, and the light pipes are mainly equipped with Osram's lamps. Among them, Osram's special ballasts and lamps for TV lighting are widely used in the world. They also have ballasts and lamps for domestically produced lamps. Osram itself has no lamps. Now Alai Company starts to produce lamps. The professional lighting produced in Germany started late. At this year's Beijing International Film and Television Equipment Exhibition, the German Alai Company displayed four-tube three-color fluorescent soft light, divided into two specifications: exterior and interior; It has been two years since entering China. Now the American Jinle brand lamps in the film and television market have three varieties of specifications: 20W, 40W and 80W. There are no professional lamps for Philips products. The domestic manufacturers mainly use the ballasts and lamps of Philips. The tube is matched with the lamps, and the double U tube is mostly.

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