Jinyuan Electronics keeps pace with the era of LED green lighting

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yue Mengdi] In the past two years, the demand for LED lighting has grown rapidly, and because the LED penetration rate of domestic home lighting is still not high, the project focusing on street lighting and landscape lighting and government office energy-saving renovation, It is still the most important source of profit for lighting companies.

Founded in 2003, Fenghua Jinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinyuan Electronics”) specializes in LED packaging and LED application product development, production and sales. In February 2011, the company was registered as “Ningbo Dijing Lighting Technology”. Ltd. is a subsidiary company that specializes in the development of LED applications and engineering installations.

In order to meet the huge demand for green optoelectronics and lighting products in the current society, since its establishment, Jinyuan Electronics has been committed to the manufacture and processing of various LED products such as white, blue, piranha, RGB three primary colors, and has been successfully applied to automotive lamps. Traffic lights, backlights and various lighting products have formed three series of LED products: road lighting, commercial lighting and home lighting.

At the Gaogong LED Show on September 26-28, Jinyuan Electronics exhibited their 02 series LED street lights. According to the reporter, the series of street lamps have the characteristics of energy saving, long life, small size, safety, no pollution, fast response, etc. It is a modern lighting system with high efficiency, economy and comfort.

The person in charge of Jinyuan Electronics Market introduced that the street lamp adopts modular pluggable technology, which is easy to maintain, can flexibly select power, and has enhanced heat dissipation function, which can reduce maintenance cost. The circuit design adopts cross array arrangement mode. A single damage does not affect other light source functions; intelligent constant current drive technology can break through the bottleneck of generally short power life.

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