Hunan Provincial Electric Power Company Awarded for Construction of “Great Operation” System of 5 Home Appliance Industry Bureaus in Changsha

On the morning of July 13, the Hunan company held the awarding ceremony for the construction of the "big operation" system of the Changsha and other five home appliances bureaus. Deputy General Managers Dai Qinghua, Yan Zhixi of Hunan Corporation, Chief Engineer Zhu Weijiang, etc., awarded the newly established regulatory centers and ICT companies for Changsha Electric Power Bureau, Zhuzhou Electric Power Bureau, Xiangtan Electric Power Bureau, Loudi Electric Power Bureau and Hengyang Electric Power Bureau.

The construction of the “Great Operation” system is to adapt to the scientific development of the power grid, improve the efficiency of the power grid operation, and integrate the provincial company's dispatch operation and equipment operation related businesses through the intensive, flat, and professional management, and build a new operating system for the company’s power grid. According to the plan of the State Grid Corporation of China, the "large operation" level of the city company will establish the organizational structure of "one center and one company". The control center is responsible for the operation and management of regional power grid regulation and operation, and the regulation and operation of urban power grids; and ICT is responsible for information under its jurisdiction. Network and communication system construction, information communication system operation and maintenance, etc.

Zhu Weijiang, on behalf of the Hunan company, affirmed the building of the “Great Operation” system of the 5 home appliances bureaus in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Loudi, and Hengyang, and congratulated the newly established organizations on the basis of ensuring safety. Some of the power grid dispatching and equipment operation centralized control functions implement intensive integration, promote integrated operations at all levels of dispatch, improve the corresponding work system, business process, standard system and technical means, and accumulate experience for the follow-up unit's “big operation” system construction. Zhu Weijiang also asked all units to continue to promote the follow-up work of the “big operation” system, while ensuring that the power grid is safe and stable during the summer peak season and reliable power supply; to ensure the safe and stable operation of information and communication systems; vigorously promote information and communication Unified scheduling and operation, unified information platform, unified support services, and unified management standards; and achieve efficient collaboration and seamless connection of information and communication services.

In the next stage, the Hunan company will take the opportunity to check the construction of the “large operation” system of the 5 home appliances bureaus and award the license for the second batch of units that carry out the “big operation” system construction.

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