Hermès has also designed a new strap for the Apple Watch. This is a wild route.

Tencent Digital (Michael) iPhone this year, lack of innovation, the original Apple put their minds on the Apple Watch design strap. On Thanksgiving Day, the famous luxury brand Hermès recently launched the Thanksgiving special limited edition Apple Watch strap, Equator Tatoutage, which is priced at US$442 (approximately RMB 3057) and is expected to be sold in Hermès stores around the world. Local tyrants may wish to quickly buy to show their identity.

Hermes is the only luxury brand currently cooperating with Apple to produce the Apple Watch strap. Currently, it owns Double Buckle Cuff, Single Tour Deployment Buckle, Double Tour and Single Tour. This time, Equator Tatoutage designed by Robert Dallet is Based on the simple model Single Tour, a forest element pattern has been added. This kind of combination perfectly balances wildness and elegance.

But if you still feel too fancy, may wish to buy a solid color Single Tour, but the price of 368 US dollars (about 2545 yuan) is not cheaper to go, after all, is Hermes it! If you want to know more about it, Apple's official website should soon have information.

Source: Digital Trends, PhoneArena

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