For the first time in 55 years, "change the light" LED lights illuminate the Yangtze River Bridge

Last night, on the Yangtze River Bridge, the white light emitted by the LED street lamps contrasted with the yellow light of the old street lamps, causing some drivers to feel uncomfortable.

Standing in the heights of three towns in Wuhan at night, looking toward the Yangtze River Bridge, an orange lamp took up the two mountains of the turtle and the snake. This orange light has been on the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge for 55 years. However, 10 white LED lights have quietly lit up on the bridge in recent days. “Why on the Yangtze River Bridge will suddenly be replaced with a few white light street?” Mr. Chen called the newspaper said that recently from Wuchang to Hanyang direction driving through the bridge, suddenly saw the white light of the street, his eyes did not adapt.

Yesterday, the head of the engineering department of Wuhan Street Lamp Branch told reporters that the LED energy-saving lamps were being tested on the bridge, and the light source was issued by the semiconductor. It is understood that the relevant department plans to change the street lights on the Yangtze River Bridge to LED lights to build an energy-saving street lamp demonstration road.

It is understood that the new replacement of 10 LED street lights on the Yangtze River Bridge uses the original Power Supply, and only the lamps and lanterns are replaced. The market price of LED street lamps and lanterns is generally more than twice that of ordinary street lamps.

According to Luan Ping, chairman of Optics Valley Microelectronics, which provides lamps, LED lamps have a long service life, soft lighting, and low power consumption. If the street lamp is full of LED system, the power saving can reach 90%; if it is only for the LED bulb, the power saving is about 30%.

Zhang Hao said that the street lighting department will submit a trial report to the Construction Committee at the end of this month. At that time, the LED street lights on the bridge will be demolished or left. There will be definite conclusions. As to whether or not the Yangtze River Bridge will be fully replaced, the street lighting department will consider it carefully, not only considering the color of the lights, whether it is energy-efficient, but also considering the price factors, the habits and acceptance of the public, and so on.

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