Export companies are complaining: EU's new LED standards or raising costs by more than 20%

The European Union recently released the "Latest Energy Efficiency Regulations for LED Lighting Products", requiring all LED lighting products exported to Europe to meet the new energy efficiency standards from September 1 this year, and gradually improve LED lighting in three phases in the next three years. Product energy efficiency standards.

After the news spread in the industry, many Zhongshan LED lighting products export companies complained. Industry insiders say that to meet the new energy efficiency standards, the company's production costs need to increase by 20% -30%, which will put pressure on business operations and exports.

The future energy efficiency requirement is 2.2 times the national standard.

According to the statistics of Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first half of 2013, the value of electric light source and lighting goods exported by Zhongshan City was 570 million US dollars. Among them, the EU and the United States are still the two largest overseas markets for Zhongshan lamps, accounting for 42.9% of the total exports.

According to the latest energy efficiency regulations for LED lighting products issued by the European Union recently, the new energy efficiency standard EU 1194/2012 directive is for all LE D bulbs and directional light sources, which are implemented in three stages: September 1, 2013, 2014 September 1st and September 1st, 2016. In three stages, the LED energy efficiency standards were gradually improved. In the second phase of 2014, the energy efficiency index was set at 0.2, which is 2.2 times the current implementation standard in China. In addition, the official website of the AQSIQ shows that after the implementation of the new standard, if you want to meet the certification and spot check fees of individual products, you must increase the cost by about 10,000 yuan.

“Most of the LED companies in Zhongshan do not meet the new energy efficiency requirements of the EU.” Tu Qiaoling, secretary-general of the Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association, said that Zhongshan’s LED companies are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and many of them are engaged in OEM processing. In the hands of the manufacturer.

New standards may increase business costs by more than 20%

Nandu reporter interviewed many heads of Zhongshan LED companies such as Yudi Lighting and Dafeng Lighting yesterday. Most of the industry insiders have not heard of the new energy efficiency standards issued by the European Union. Only the person in charge of Hengyuan Flow Zhou Xin said that he has obtained from the Internet. I know this information.

Peng Jiangbo, who runs a LED lighting company in Guzhen, told reporters that he has not received specific provisions for new energy efficiency standards. However, according to past experience, new energy efficiency standards will definitely affect enterprises.

However, Peng Jiangbo believes that this is a benign impact, because high energy efficiency standards mean higher requirements for product quality and are beneficial to all consumers. From the perspective of enterprises, this is also a market-oriented role. Peng Jiangbo said that this will promote enterprises to improve their research and development capabilities and produce products that meet European market standards.

Zhou Xin said that the new standards have higher requirements for the quality of LED lighting products, but for small-scale enterprises, as long as they use better materials, they can achieve certain standards in the production process. The impact will not be too great. However, the cost will increase by about 20%-30% during the period, and this part of the cost is mainly concentrated on materials.

Zhou Xin said that most of these costs will be passed on to customers through price. Large-scale LED companies can still afford the capital turnover, but SMEs will be more difficult, especially in terms of exports. Products will lose their price advantage and face greater difficulties.

LED enterprise export test Zhang Zhong, general manager of Zhongshan Xinhang Import & Export Co., Ltd. said that although the cost increased, but because the core technology is basically in the hands of foreign manufacturers, domestic LE D companies have little room to increase product prices. “The barriers to entry in the European and American markets have been relatively high. Now, once again, the energy efficiency standards will be raised, and many small LED companies will be excluded.”

In addition to technical barriers, LED exports are also affected by exchange rate fluctuations. A person from Zhongshan Customs said that although the import and export volume reached 3.27 billion U.S. dollars in July, a new monthly high in the year, the second half of the year will still be affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Zhongshan's LED lighting products are also difficult to escape. Recently, the yuan has remained at 6.12 against the US dollar. Zhang Ying said that the impact of exchange rate fluctuations is around 1%, and orders of 1 million yuan may lose more than 10,000 yuan.

The market forces companies to improve technology

"From the perspective of long-term development of the industry, the implementation of the EU's new energy efficiency standards is a good thing." Tu Qiaoling, secretary-general of the Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association, issued a voice consistent with Zhou Xin. She believes that the harsh technical standards will have no quality. The elimination of enterprises with the bottom line of protection and value will lead to the emergence of quality products.

In the face of recent criticisms of the low quality of Zhongshan LED industry such as Guzhen, Tu Qiaoling thinks that the new EU barrier is a good opportunity. "The market forces companies to improve their technology, and companies can only respond if they respond positively."

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