Entering the smart home industry, acquiring the fastest entry into smart home

Major companies want to enter the smart home sector, in addition to wireless WiFi, the transformation of traditional appliances such as smart appliances, but also through the means of acquisition. It is the fastest way to enter the smart home market by finding entry points and acquiring smart product manufacturers that have a certain development base.

Acquisition is also a smart home entry point

Starting from Google’s acquisition of Nest, the smart home industry has launched a “runaway” model. Both emerging Internet companies and traditional home companies have started to deploy smart homes to take the lead. From smart lighting to smart TVs, smart routers and a series of smart hardware products, are seen by manufacturers as the entrance to the future smart home. Acquisitions can avoid all sorts of detours and can quickly become a competitor in the smart home industry if they are built on a strong foundation of funds.
Entering the smart home industry, acquiring the fastest entry into smart home

Google Acquires Nest Labs

The biggest acquisition in the smart home industry was Google’s huge acquisition of Nest Labs. In early 2004, the technology giant Google announced that it had acquired Nest Labs, a US company, for USD 3.2 billion in cash, becoming the second largest acquisition in Google’s history. Nest has always been considered an Apple company in the smart home sector. So far, Nest Labs has launched two products, namely smart thermostats and smart smoke detectors.

Nest is a smart device that can record user preferences and use it as a basis to automatically adjust and control the room temperature. Nest's smart home devices have more than one, because all smart home manufacturers understand that if smart home devices from different vendors cannot communicate with each other, the so-called Internet of Things and smart homes cannot be a chain, but only one. Separate islands.
Entering the smart home industry, acquiring the fastest entry into smart home

In 2014, Nest announced the opening of the Application Programming Interface (API). Therefore, both the smart home company and future developers based on the device can call Nest's data. With the Nest open interface, Nest can implement many intelligent functions beyond auto-tuning. For example, when Nest monitors indoor temperature, the air conditioner automatically lowers the temperature; Nest monitors no one at home, and air conditioners, televisions, and other equipment automatically shut down.

At the same time, ^lest collaborated with Contr014 to announce the integration of Nest into Control4's control system. In this way, the user can operate the Nest through the smart devices, remote controllers, and mobile phones/PPs of the Contr 014, thereby realizing more home intelligence scenarios.

From this perspective, Google acquired more than just a constant temperature product, but also an important entrance and node to the smart home ecosystem.

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