DOE's latest report shows that there is a difference in light efficiency between MR16 lamps

7.31 News, "Design Rules for Highway Tunnel Lighting" issued by the Ministry of Transport (JTG/T D70/2-01-2014) and "Design Rules for Ventilation of Highway Tunnels" (JTG/T D70/2-02-2014) will be It will take effect on August 1, 2014.
07.31 news, the US Department of Energy (DOE) CALiPER project released a summary report on the application of the luminosity performance of 27 LED MR16 luminaires, confirming the systematic error in the equivalence requirements (with the specific power of the MR16 halogen lamp phase) ratio).
07.29 news, Germany Osram Lighting Co., Ltd. announced that in order to reduce expenses, it will lay off 7,800 people outside Germany and Germany. Among them, 1,700 are in Germany and another 6,100 are branches outside Germany.
07.29 news, Philips and Syfy company preset the program for automatic lighting changes for the timeline of the movie plot and content, you can choose different lighting configurations according to the scene and the plot.
07.28 news, Japan is the first to develop a flexible technology to achieve mass production of OLED lighting products on resin polymers, but in the short term still face the problem of high cost and low yield.

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