CIBN Sports Evaluation Experience: The correct way to open matches

As a sports fan, watching a game is an unparalleled enjoyment. The author is no exception, but at present, many TV APK sports software only have replay function, and there are not many live events, even if there are a few resources, especially for football. The race is even less pitiful! Counting on LeTV Sports, Tencent Sports, and major live broadcast software, the author is even more admired by CIBN Sports.
In fact, we have already seen the sports classification in CIBN's exciting evaluation experience. I believe that for football and basketball fans who are very keen on it, they must be very concerned about this section. While CIBN Sports is more professional and has more extensive coverage, CIBN's wonderful friends can download and install through the application interface, which is very convenient.

As the industry's first large-screen vertical sports APK software, CIBN Poly Sports was jointly created by PPTV and CIBN, which made up for the shortcomings of watching live sports through TV broadcasts, providing sports fans with a very comprehensive live broadcast platform. Of course, you can also use it to watch replays, highlights, news, and more.

UI streamlining to the extreme
CIBN Poly Sports has incorporated the wonderful design elements of CIBN in the main UI design. The main screen will present the latest hot events and recent program previews to the users in the form of picture and video recommendations. The design of rectangles will make it easier for consumers to experience and at a glance.

After the main screen is pulled down, we can see the detailed classification of events, including the popular events. Users can choose according to their preferences. A software can easily watch the major events. This is difficult for other sports software to achieve. Features.

In addition, CIBN Poly Sports also has the function of the schedule. It is very intimate for everyone to list the daily schedule of the corresponding time, users can choose according to their support team to watch the corresponding schedule, do not miss to see, do not miss.

Exclusive resources massive content
Relying on PPTV's powerful resource system, CIBN Poly Sports has more than 300 copyrights for sports events, covering football, basketball and other sports. And it is worth mentioning that PPTV TV is still the official partner of Liverpool Football Club in China. Friends who are concerned about YORK appliances must know that YORK has just evaluated a Liverpool limited edition TV product recently. I believe this is definitely Liverpool. The gospel of the fans.
In addition, CIBN Sports also cooperates with the Liverpool Channel, Barcelona Television, Ajax TV, and GoPro official media channels, and has more resources.

Football matches have always been one of the most watched events in sporting events. CIBN Poly Sports also has the core rights of the Spanish Football A Division and the Dutch Football A Division! Through the possession of these copyrights, we can also see that PPTV-CIBN gathers. With the richness of sports content, I believe this is the sport APK software that sports fans dream about!
Intimate more than content reservation function more warm heart
As a sports enthusiast, there will definitely be support for many teams and many types of games. If you forget to see them and you miss them, it will be very difficult to do so. After all, it is more sensational to broadcast live events.
In addition to CIBN Poly Sports’ ability to preview schedules within a week through time, it is also possible to select time for program appointments to remind users to watch their favorite events.

The author's comment: The author has done a very in-depth use of CIBN Ju Sports, and is very comprehensive for everyone to show this TV APK, I believe we have a certain understanding of it. The TV APK with such a comprehensive sporting event is currently the only one. The main reason is that due to the integrity of the content, the intimate service and the copyright of sports events, PPTV has a very large number of copyrights of the events, so CIBN Sports has had very Strong content support, I believe this is the reason why users love it very much! Whether you like it or not, I have put it down now!
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