China Optoelectronics June LED Consolidation Revenue Drops to 6 Billion

China Optoelectronics (5371) reduced its revenue from combined and revenue in June to 6.01 billion yuan (NT, the same below), which was a decrease of 2% from the previous month and a decline of 4% from the same period of last year. It was mainly affected by the inventory of backlight module customers. Cumulative total revenue for the first half of this year was 34.456 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12%. Among them, the second-quarter single-quarter revenue was 17.975 billion yuan, an increase of 9% in the quarter. Looking forward to July, shipments of backlight module products are expected to grow slightly from last month, but due to partial customer inventory adjustments, projector shipments in July are expected to decrease by more than 10% per month.

For the backlight module, in June, affected by the inventory of customers, the combined shipments of backlight module products fell to 5.82 million units in a single month, 5% less than that in the month, and the backlight module’s revenue in June was 3.529 billion yuan, down 7% in the month. Among them, TV backlight modules used in June shipments of 480,000, LED backlight models penetration rate of 94%. The monitor backlight module shipped 1.91 million units in June, and its LED backlight shipment penetration rate was 86%. The shipment volume of notebook and tablet backlight modules was 3.11 million, and the penetration rate of LED backlight shipments was 100%.

In the second quarter of 2012, shipments of backlight module products totaled 17.17 million units, an increase of 11% in the quarter, and revenue in the second quarter was RMB 10.8 billion, up 13% in the quarter. In the first half of the year, backlight module shipments totaled 32.66 million units, an increase of 2% year-on-year, and revenue was approximately 20.374 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 17%.

Due to the quarter-end effect and the increase in customer demand for projector products, shipments reached 96,000 units in June, and revenue for the single month was 1.257 billion yuan, up 9% and 3% respectively from the previous month. In the second quarter of this year, total projector shipments totaled 274,000 units, a 6% decrease in the quarter, and a single-quarter revenue of 3.707 billion yuan, a decrease of 7% quarterly. In the first half of this year, projector product shipments were 565,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 7%, and projector revenue was approximately 7.687 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10%.

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