2014 High-tech LED Annual Conference Opens Crowdfunding Mode 400 seats for recognition

The annual high-tech LED annual conference will be held at the Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club in Shenzhen on December 12-13, 2014.

Every year, there are gatherings in the LED industry, such as big coffee, geeks, crazy entrepreneurs, advanced traditional schools, senior industry groups, local investment groups, etc., 400 CEO/CTO/CPO (Chairman/CEO/Technology) The place where the vice president (director) / the deputy general manager (director) is here, what can you do?

I don't tell you the average person: As long as you participate in the crowdfunding CEO / CTO / CPO, you will automatically become a member of the "High-tech LED Think Home" and enjoy different benefits!

In order to express all kinds of gratitude to you for all kinds of admiration, we decided to give you a tailor-made "High-tech LED to enjoy home" personal circulation book, your name will be in the booklet, love in the booklet, in the booklet You can also find the partners you need according to your needs, and enjoy the LED industry together!

Rich money holding a money field without money, holding a personal field, circulated a hundred years of rivers and lakes rules, let us carry out crowdfunding in the end!

Rich money holding a money field, a lot of crowdfunding funds: 1800 yuan starting, not capped!

Participate in crowdfunding and you will receive the following premium services:

1, 12-13th 2014 High-tech LED Annual Meeting Forum 1 full participation seat (name plate);

2, 12th dinner (name plate), 13th lunch, 13th night Golden Globe Awards ceremony, one seat (name plate);

3, a set of high-tech LED magazines in 2015 ("High-tech LED", "LED good products", "LED lighting channels" one of them);

4, join the "high-tech LED think home" private WeChat group quota;

The 5th and 13th night Golden Globe Awards show your company name and your name;

6, 2014 high-tech LED annual meeting special website will appear your name;

7, 2014 Gaogong LED Golf Classic registration rights.

Sweep up and register for the registration : During the annual meeting, transportation and accommodation expenses are self-care.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Dry goods G20-LED lighting summit CEO meeting, two theme conferences, two sub-forums, more than 30 keynote speeches, reviewing the status of industrial development in 2014, looking forward to the crisis of industrial development in the next three years. If you missed it, you missed the opportunity of industrial development in 2015!

It <br> <br> fully open mode of communication allows you to "no bottom line," the impact of the dry LED Engineering and enjoy heavyweight speakers, which is a rare collision of thinking!

Anyone who participates in the crowdfunding registration can join the high-tech LED annual meeting club private WeChat circle (high-tech LED think home), where you can talk about technology, products, market, marketing, capital, strategy ......

Unbounded <br> <br> activities in various forms, Golf Classic, dinner, Engineering 2014 Golden Globe Awards, as long as you are on technology, products, marketing, model, capital interested in the LED industry, as long as you look around LED Industry and market changes, you can join our party! But the premise must be LED CEO/CTO/CPO (Chairman/General Manager/Technical Vice President, Director/Purchasing Director).

Surprise <br> <br> Engineering LED will be officially released "micro-enterprise marketing" program in the annual meeting, along with the packaging and testing of the end product, engineering LED will publish important information at the conference! You should never miss it!

Encourage <br> <br> Engineering LED chip amount in the herd out of 20% of the LED Engineering Innovation Fund was established to encourage more technology, product innovation, as long as you can get innovative strict expert jury recognized, although It is a meager reward, but it is the support of the whole industry.

Heated debate <br> <br> innovation roundtable dialogue mode, we will set the positive and negative side issues, perspectives big PK, any business has its own chosen path and adhere to the concept. Anyone who participates in the crowdfunding registration will automatically enjoy the opportunity to recommend the speech to the organizing committee, the theme of the roundtable dialogue and the recommendation of the heavyweight round-table dialogue guests.

<br> <br> crowdfunding model, large venues, small as a screw and we look forward to your support!

Number 400 LED enterprises CEO / CTO / CPO (chairman / general manager / vice president of technology, Director / Purchasing Director).

Crowdfunding list <br> <br> venue: do not need too much, can accommodate 400 people chair: no comfortable enough to seat 400 people to the water: no taste, enough for 400 people to drink printing: no gorgeous , enough to send 400 copies <br> <br> we accept sponsorship Geluyinghao LED industry, regardless of the amount, we cherish you give us every part.

Event Contact: Mr. Xie 13590324527

2014 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting and Golden Globe Awards Ceremony

Industry Strategy--A New Path to Integrate the Tide

Organizer: Engineering LED, the Institute of Engineering LED industry Date: 12-13 December 2014 Venue: Shenzhen Mission Hills Dongguan Clubhouse · <br> <br> we are standing at a new round of industrial revolution LED lighting inflection point .

In the trend of such a great change in the times, corporate decision-makers need a larger vision, a big strategy, a big layout, and a big decision. Gaogong LED cooperated with heavyweight enterprises to open the 2014 Gaogong LED annual meeting. From the global market, regional markets to corporate layout ideas, to the development direction of various segments, we will make forward-thinking thinking.

We sincerely invite heavyweight guests to discuss the future of the industry and explore how to seize the opportunities in the new round of global LED lighting market competition. At the same time, the annual meeting will also gather G20-LED lighting summit member companies, high-level company executives, listed company executives, judge the macro trend of the industry, and select a few representative segments to conduct in-depth exploration, for the adjustment period The development trend of the industry and the strategic layout of the enterprise explore new ideas and roads.

Annual meeting to see:

· The LED industry chain has interacted with guests from the middle and lower reaches of the heavy industry.

· G20-LED lighting summit, listed companies, multinational companies all debut, sharing the industry development in the next three years.

· LED innovative materials, technologies, processes and products lead the new cycle of industrial development.

· Unique forums, activities and arrangements, presenting the most cutting-edge industrial strategic thinking.

·2014 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Awards Ceremony witnessed the birth of LED new brand.

Activity schedule December 11th, 13:30-17:30 pm

2014 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting-CEO Golf Classic (registered for participation expenses)

December 12, 09:00-12:00

The 2nd CEO Conference of the 4th G20-LED Lighting Summit (closed invitation meeting)

December 12th, 13:30-17:30

Theme Conference: On the big strategy of the industry on December 13th, 09:00-12:00

Sub-forum: Technology Drives Supply Chain Change New Opportunities December 13th 09:00-12:00

Sub-forum: Intelligent lighting, tap your next gold mine on December 13th 13:30-17:30

Theme Conference: Looking forward to the next three years, a new chapter, December 13th, 19:30-21:30

2014 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting Dinner and 2014 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Awards Ceremony

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