Design Thinking of Blu-ray "LED Incandescent Lamp&…

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" August issue of Yan Chongguang] From the perspective of technology and market economy, the principle, basic structure, key technologies, application technologies and market prospects of blue LED incandescent lamps are analyzed. The ---MORE---

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ADLINK released video/audio capture card HDV62A

21ic News ADLINK released the first video/audio capture card HDV62A that can simultaneously capture high-quality images and digital audio signals. In addition to supporting high-definition digital image input and a variety of analog signals, digital signal source signals can be acquired at the sa ---MORE---

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The 12th Five-Year Plan for Nuclear Safety passed

On May 31st, the "12th Five-Year Plan for Nuclear Safety and Radioactive Pollution Prevention and Control and Vision Objectives for 2020" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning") and the "Report on the Comprehensive Safety Inspection of Civil Nuclear Facilities ---MORE---

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TCL Group's LED-backlit TV sales increased by 60% i…

On July 9, TCL Group announced that LCD TV sales in the first half of the year were nearly 6.616 million units, an increase of 60.61%. Among them, LED backlight LCD TV sales of 4.367 million units, an increase of 214.94%. From June's single month, TCL Group's LCD TV sales in June were 855, ---MORE---

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The new iPad lands on the mainland next Friday: Difficu…

Proview Gives New iPad to Land in Mainland Next Friday Sell ​​100,000 units to reach 60 million U.S. dollars to buy road money Although Apple officials have not explained the relationship between the Proview IPad trademark case and the new iPad's time to market in mai ---MORE---

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China Optoelectronics June LED Consolidation Revenue Dr…

China Optoelectronics (5371) reduced its revenue from combined and revenue in June to 6.01 billion yuan (NT, the same below), which was a decrease of 2% from the previous month and a decline of 4% from the same period of last year. It was mainly affected by the inventory of backlight modul ---MORE---

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Schneider "does not act"? NVC orders sharply …

On the morning of July 16, employees at the NVC Lighting Huizhou plant continued to work. Behind the continuation of employee shutdowns, is Schneider’s poor management leading to a sharp drop in orders, or is there a deeper reason? The middle floor of a factory bluntly said: "As long as ---MORE---

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